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5 ways to prevent a stroke

A stoke, no matter whom it is, impacts lives forever if survived the attack. However, it is usually preferable to avoid such strikes than to go through the agony. Lifestyle and eating habits play a significant role in keeping our bodies free of ailments. A stroke can affect people of any age, however age is one of the most important factors in determining the likelihood of a stroke. The health risks and family history are irreversible. However, there are preventative steps that may be taken to keep one’s health safe from strokes.

Blood Pressure –

In both men and women, high blood pressure can easily increase the risk of stroke. As a result, regular blood pressure monitoring is required, especially for BP patients. In case of elevated BP, treatment immediately is the best step to prevent stroke.

Obesity –

Obesity is the cause of many ailments, and it is also a risk factor for stroke if not managed on time. To avoid diseases, it is critical to shed and maintain weight based on height.

Regular Exercise –

Regular exercise helps to manage weight and stimulates the body’s metabolism, which helps to prevent various ailments. If you are unable to exercise on a daily basis, being physically active can help you maintain a healthy metabolism.

Alcohol consumption –

To preserve health, alcohol should be drunk in moderation, no more than one glass each day. Increased alcohol use also increases the risk of stroke.

Treat diabetes –

High blood sugar levels also cause blood vessels to deteriorate over time. This may cause cloths to accumulate inside the vessel, causing in a stroke. Diabetes can be controlled with regular monitoring, a nutrition plan, exercise, and medication.       


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