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Allergies vs. Sinusitis. When to visit an ENT specialist?

The weather has slowly transitioned to Summer! This is a period when a considerable population tends to fall sick. A stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, irritation, does it ring a bell?

Well, you are not alone. These could very well be symptoms of an allergic reaction or sinusitis. Did you know how easy it is to confuse the two?

What is the difference?

Both of these conditions have similar symptoms, however, they are very different.

Allergies occur as a reaction of your immune system to certain allergens. Your body can develop allergies at any age. Changes in food habits or moving to a different country/ continent can expose you to experiences you have never had before. Your body can react differently in this scenario. Headaches, runny nose, itchy eyes are some of the most common symptoms.

A sinus infection or sinusitis, on the other hand, inflames your nasal passages. They are almost always caused by viruses. Mucous builds up and blocks your nose, furthering the issue. Sinus infections also have a cold-like condition paired with headaches, pain around the cheeks and thick mucus.

How to distinguish these conditions?

The key indicator is the itchiness in the eyes. Allergies cause itchiness, while sinusitis does not! There are other indicators for when it is a sinus infection, such as fever, pain around the cheeks, thick, yellow mucosal discharge, etc which does not happen in case of allergy.

Which of these conditions to ENT specialists treat?

ENT specialists treat both allergies and sinus issues! They treat all conditions in the ear, nose and throat regions.

If you are facing any symptoms, visit your ENT specialist for an accurate diagnosis and a clear path of treatment.


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