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Breast Cancer: Awareness for a Healthy Future

Every 4 minutes, one woman in India is diagnosed with breast cancer.

In this article, we aim to demystify some of the myths surrounding breast cancer.

Myth 1: To get breast cancer, you need to have a familial history of cancer.

Fact: Genetic predisposition is one of the factors that contribute to cancer, However, it is not the only factor. Environmental factors, lifestyle issues, mutations, and a whole host of unknown factors can combine together to cause breast cancer.

Myth 2: Only women get breast cancer.

Fact: While breast cancer is more common among women, about 5% of people suffering from breast cancer are men. While it definitely isn’t common among men, it does exist.

Myth 3: A lump on the breast is a sure indicator of breast cancer.

Fact: A lump on the breast is benign and can be caused by infection and other factors. Your doctor might take a biopsy, and then make a decision on treatment.

Myth 4: Mammograms are painful and can cause problems.

Fact: Every woman who is aged 40 or above should undergo a mammogram for breast cancer screening on an annual basis. While mammograms may seem uncomfortable or embarrassing, they aren’t painful and surely don’t cause any health problems.

Breast cancer can be treated completely if detected early. All women should perform breast self-examination on a monthly basis and check the breast for lumps, swelling, and abnormal secretions.

If you or a loved one notice anything abnormal, contact a doctor at the earliest. Early action saves lives.


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