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Sree saran never denies any request which passes in to the hospital.
Sree saran operates an exclusive radiology block to best serve with comprehensive
tools and medical procedures.

4D ultrasound

The medical test that captures live imags from inside the body, using high-frequency sound waves, is called an ultrasound scan. The ultrasound waves, once passed through the abdomen, reflect echoes that are captured by transducers (probe), and post processed to create images of parts inside the body.

There are superficial and deep probe transducers.
They are cheap and portable.
Their use in medical & surgical conditions, ante-natal scans, etc., is vital.

Digital X- Ray

The x-rays that are targeted at the body are digitally manipulated to produce a clear image on an x-ray film, that do not deteriorate physically or clinically over time. These images can also be reproduced copy to copy without any compromise on the quality. The radiation exposure is minimal and is not a risk.

3D color
Doppler Echo

Therefore it is meant to calculate the variation in the blood vessels, abnormalities in any organs or inner disorders. Sree saran helps the people to obtain and get to know their disorders and ways to get rid of such irregularities through various advanced equipments.

High Speed
Spiral CT

X-rays are projected at various levels, multiple times, as is necessary. The image data is thus captured in specialized detectors, which is then processed. The post processed image is printed in a CT film.
The hi-speed spiral CT scan has high resolution than conventional x-rays. It can also produce HRCT (High Resolution CT) for lungs.


Echocardiogram is an advanced type of ultrasound test helps to find out the high pitched sound waves transmitted from the organs been sent by a device called transducer. Sree saran medical center has full-fledged equipments and measures.

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Sree saran medical center 100 bedded multispeciality hospital is situated in P.N.Road, Tirupur.


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