Sree Saran Medical Center

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“Multi ambience facilities at the Sree Saran Medical Center”

Sree saran is not only defined as the multi speciality hospital but also a treatment center with multi phased facilities and amenities which helps the patients to gain values to their life


ICU – 10 Bedded

Sree saran facilitates the patients to make themselves feel comfortable with our medical experts. We have exclusive 100 beds so that we can accommodate any number of patients at any time.



We got an exclusive slot for taking care of new born babies and its nutritional care. Hence babies who got connected to the sree saran medical center will experience a complete nourishment and good growth in their metabolism.


Operation Theatre Complex

Sree saran is equipped with sequence of operation theater in a well separated, spacious equipped block. Therefore patients can undergo any of their surgeries or an incision without any congestion or an interruption.


Labour Theatre

Sree saran medical center is equipped with labour theater which effectively manages the pregnant women and maternity related issues. We have a spacious, enlarged well focused and characteristic labour theater which is utmost convenient for labour ward patients.


Emergency & Trauma care

We offer 24/7 wide range of treatment services to the patients who are accidentally encountered an accident or any unfortunate circumstances. Sree saran medical center is facilitated with fully equipped with comprehensive emergency and trauma care center to cure and provide an optimal solution to the emergencies.


Poison Management

Sree saran has a featured poison management center that handles the poison and addiction filed victim with ultimate care and attention. Victims who belongs to poison care in sree saran medical center have committed with best care and service.


24hrs Pharmacy

Sree saran has an exclusive pharmacy with all medicinal drugs and medicine for all kinds of disorders and malfunctions. We provide medicinal solution for all sort of infections, accident, trauma and any other serious circumstances.


Ambulance Facility

We provide 24 hours round the clock ambulance service to secure the victims who faced any unfair circumstances. Sree saran has series of ambulance feature so that patients can easily access to the sree saran medical center at any point of time.


Nurse Hostel

Sree saran provides a comprehensive nurse hostel through which we offer a hygienic and delightful atmosphere to the nurses as well as the technicians. Our hostel mates are enjoying the inbound facilities such as pure water, cool breeze over all the time, healthy food and all.


Doctor quaters

Similar to the nurse hostel, we make a comfortable stay for the doctors also to make the treatment service without any interruption. Doctor’s hostel is well equipped with all eminent amenities and infrastructure.



We are here to advise and insist the hygienity hence we provide healthy and good composition food for all incoming patients and care takers. Sree saran provides all nutritient food and healthy juices, fruits and vegetables and meals with proper composition of minerals, vitamins etc.


Centralized RO water facility

Making clean and hygiene environment is our motto. So whatever we provide to the society that should be the best and purest form forever. Sree saran installed a RO plant which distributes several millions quantum of water to the neediest.


Free Wi-fi

We provide not only treatment advancement to the people but also make them to experience the technological advancements through explore the free wi-fi to the incomers thereby they can stay connected to their commitments at any cost.


Safe Parking

Sree saran allots a separate, spacious parking to shed their vehicles and make them more safe and secure.


Blood Bank

Blood transfusions are a critical part of everyday life and assist in saving countless lives on every day. The blood storage centre in sree saran medical center was started on November 2015 tie up with Mother blood bank. Having 120 bags capacity Refrigerator.

Services : Round the clock transfusion services


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