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How to analyze the stroke before it actually transpires?

A stroke emerges when the blood flow to part of the brain is reduced/ stopped or interrupted due to blood clots or when the brain blood vessels rupture.  The brain tissue stops receiving the required oxygen and nutrients which lead the brain cells to die quickly

The stroke is categorized into 3 types

Ischemic stroke – occurs when the blood flow is stopped due to blood clot blockages

Hemorrhagic stroke – occurs when the brain artery ruptures and leaks blood into the brain.

Transient ischemic attack – is otherwise called a ‘mini stroke’, it occurs for a short period of time- fewer than 5 minutes and reverses on its own.

Symptoms/ warning of future Stroke

•             Transient ischemic attack is a major warning of future stroke.

•             Sudden weakness or numbness in the face, leg, or arm

•             One side of the body functioning reduces

•             Trouble in vision in one or both eyes (blurred/ blackened/double vision)

•             Difficulty in speaking or garbled talk

•             Unresponsiveness or disorienting acts

•             Unable to understand the figure of speech

•             Sudden headache and dizziness

•             Seizures

•             Loss of balance and trouble in taking steps

•             Nausea and vomiting

Any warning signal or stroke is a sign of an immediate medical emergency. Call the Ambulance right away for medical attention. Timely treatment can help prevent death, permanent disability, or any kind of brain damage. Prevention is always better than cure, hence never hesitate to get emergency help in case you or someone you know experiences a stroke.


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