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Mucor-mycosis: Tips to Fight the Black Fungus

The term mucor-mycosis, one unheard of drives waves of panic in people today. The reasons that contribute to the harm caused by this fungus are many, and it is pertinent that one is aware of some techniques that they can employ to combat, and more importantly avoid the infection.

What is Mucor-mycosis?

The black fungus is commonly found is soil, vegetation and in the air. In general, it is harmless since the human immune system can fight this fungus easily. However, a dead combination of diabetes, COVID-19 and strong steroid medications weakens the body, making it extremely easy for the fungus to attack tissues.

How can we prevent it?

Following a few simple steps goes a long way in preventing mucor-mycosis.

  • Staying away from construction sites, and other places with significant air pollution may stop people from contracting the fungus through inhalation.
  • Cuts, scrapes and wounds serve as an entry channel for these fungi. Covering the wounds with water-proof bandages and preventing them from touching contaminated substances in crucial.
  • For patients using oxygen concentrators, providing them with sterile, distilled water goes a long way in helping them.
  • People suffering from diabetes and other disorders like hypertension and cholesterol need to be particularly careful and either take medicines on a regular basis (to control vitals) or follow lifestyle modifications to keep sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

Boosting our immunity and preparing our body for the fight will help us overcome not only mucor-mycosis, but also help us fight other microbes and improve our health!


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