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We unveiled a special treatement service slot for all the awareness programs
whichindulge more improtance on the primary care taking areas such as maternity,
respiratory guidelines,


Women are happiest when they go through this exciting phase of their lives – pregnancy. It is quite natural for them to need their doubts clarified on almost everything during that time. The internet is inundated with enough information on this subject. Nevertheless, every woman’s physical condition would require unique counselling and treatment. Our gynaecological counselling team educates every pregnant woman in various stages of trimesters, and help them remain healthy through a happy pregnancy period and have a safe delivery.


Every woman will yearn for this jewelry to adorn her neck – her baby’s arms. The psychological pain, infertility can cause couples, is indescribable. Infertility can affect both men and women. The reasons are varied. Our expert team at Sree Saran fertility centre, counsels such couples, diagnose their problem and treats them accordingly. We provide a best treatment approach to both the genders with keen monitoring and well-equipped treatment infrastructure.


The heightened sensitive reaction of our body to any foreign substance (allergen) is called allergy. A condition in which a person’s airways swell and narrow, obstructing free airflow in and out, is called asthma. These two conditions tend to reduce free breathing. Increased pollution all around us could be the reason for people to get affected by these ailments. At our allergy & asthma clinic, we provide a wholesome remedy for such respiratory disorders.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain, causing recurrent sensory disturbances, loss of consciousness and seizures. It is the fourth most common neurological disorder. The seizures thus caused may affect one or more parts of the body. Proper diagnosis, treatment and continuous care are imperative.


A fatal condition if left untreated, as in the case of diabetes or a cardiac illness, hypertension is a condition in which the force of the blood against the walls of the artery is too high. The cause is varied, from changing lifestyle to food habits. The patient may run the risk of irreducible systemic hyper tension (SHT) complications. The prevalence of hypertension among youngsters has alarmingly increased.

Stroke clinic

Sree saran keeps its stroke clinic with special care and intension of offering the best cure to the stroke affected

victims in and around Tirupur zone. Stroke is generally occurs due to the blood supply to brain got stopped or

disturbed adversely. Hence we got a team of experts to diagnose and treat the stroke at any level.


The term obesity becomes a common term in nowadays world. Sree saran has a featured obesity treatment

clinic, which specially attend and enable the person to maintain their metabolism with proper nutrition and diet



Geriatric is specially framed for the people who got aged and senior citizen. We offer awareness camp,

counseling session etc. The objective is to treat and keep the elder age people with good hygiene and metabolic


Spine Care

Sree saran has an unique stream which exclusively dealt with the spinal care and its related trauma incidents. we have an series of expertise proficcient in identifying the spinal injuries and come up with a concrete medical remedies.

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Sree saran medical center is situated in Poyampalayam bus stop, P.N.Road, Tirupur.


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